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Kim - America's Next Top Model
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4th-Apr-2008 05:12 pm - MTV?
buffalo plaid life
Anyone catch Kim on MtV news lately? Her hair is longer now too ...
2nd-Dec-2007 04:46 pm(no subject)
Anybody know how to make nice Lj generator layouts with Kim Stolz theme ? :)
Thanks !
6th-Jan-2007 04:36 pm - Pic Search
Does anyone have the pics of Kim's portfolio from the show? Cause I can't find any of them besides one on yahoo image search or google. Etc. So if anyone has them and can send them to me or post them I would be very appreciative.
8th-Nov-2006 03:44 pm - Kim's everywhere!! YAY!!!
buffalo plaid life
Kim's on the front-web-page for Ruehl.

Check her out (lookin sessy) here --> http://www.ruehl.com/

Go Kim! Go Kim!!
27th-Oct-2006 09:37 am - New Kim photos .....
buffalo plaid life

New test shotsCollapse )

American Eagle <3's KimCollapse )

You are viewing them here thanks to whatwas @ topmodel
17th-Sep-2006 07:14 pm - Kim in Knit. 1 - a link
buffalo plaid life
Not sure who is a member of topmodel here or not, but someone posted pics of Kim in this mag called "Knit 1"

You can check it out here -> http://community.livejournal.com/topmodel/1301345.html?mode=reply

Enjoy!! She looks great!!!
5th-Sep-2006 03:16 pm - Kim in August's issue of Seventeen
buffalo plaid life
Found thanks to crazy_in_lost @ topmodel ...

30th-May-2006 01:57 pm - Kim videos
mini kim -running
Bre, Kim, Sarah, Lisa ,Ebony interviewed by audience: http://www.sharkle.com/?a=video&id=42538

Sarah: http://www.sharkle.com/?a=video&id=42554

Sarah and Kim: http://www.sharkle.com/?a=video&id=42573

Amy (Kim's girlfriend) finally speaks up: http://www.sharkle.com/?a=video&id=42591
buffalo plaid life
She is ALL OVER this online catalog ...

Check it out
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